about G-MedTech

G-MedTech is focusing on External Communications in the global medical device & IVD industry, with a vision to make medtech communication more efficient.

External communication is two-way communication for medtech players to both present external audiences with information on products and services, and receive valuable external information such as data, industry dynamics, and reports.

G-MedTech provides a series of platforms and services to support your external communication strategies covering media & investor relations, branding, sales & marketing, and new opportunities.

G-MedTech has three platforms for medtech players to present information on products, companies, and announcements, helping build brand awareness, create a favorable company image, and promote the products and services.

News Centers: Publishing press releases and insightful articles in multiple languages to global readers, help build brand awareness, create favorable company images, and support public relations;

Directory: Listing medtech companies with profiles, images, videos, contact details, as well as social media links.

Marketplace: The platform for multi-vendors to manage, showcase and even sell their medtech products & services with detailed introductions, images, videos, and end-user comments to support global marketing;

Obtaining valuable external info is critical for strategic development such as M&A opportunities, partnerships, and new market entry. The valuable external info covers industry dynamics, data, market research reports, and articles with insightful analysis.

Focusing on the global medtech industry G-MedTech.com provides both services and platforms to support corporate communications, public relations, branding, global marketing, and strategic development.

Our online platforms are presented with freemium models and now cover:

Market intelligence & consulting services will be provided by G-MedTech Research, a unit of G-MedTech.com, to support corporate strategies with a focus on China medtech market.

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For any inquiries, please get in touch with us: info@g-medtech.com