About G-MedTech Directory

G-MedTech Directory is a dedicated platform connecting professionals and companies in the dynamic field of medical technologies, to simplify the process of finding trusted partners, suppliers, and service providers in the medtech industry.

In addition to the profile, address, map, phone, email, website and social media links of a traditional directory listing, G-MedTech Directory offers listed players a dedicated page to showcase YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram feeds, allowing them to showcase their brands, share valuable insights and engage with their audience all in one place.

An advanced search feature makes it easy to find players in different locations based on keywords in their profiles.

MedTech and the Key Segments

Medical technologies are products, services or solutions used to save and improve people’s lives, and cover three main segments below:

  • Medical devices (MDs) are products, services or solutions that prevent, diagnose, monitor, treat and
    care for people.
  • In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are non-invasive tests used on biological samples (for example blood, urine
    or tissues) to determine the status of a person’s health.
  • Digital health are tools and services that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to
    improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of a person’s health and lifestyle.

Organisations, research institutes, distributors, investors, and players involved in Design & Manufacturing and other services are also listed in G-MedTech Directory.