At Brainlab, we digitize medical workflows from diagnosis to therapy, and our innovative ecosystem forms the basis for modern healthcare technology. We help healthcare providers build three-dimensional patient-specific models with data that is structured, mapped and aggregated with industry-leading artificial intelligence. This builds the basis of our navigation system for the human body, clinicians can safely remove brain tumors, place screws in the spine precisely, and irradiate breast tumors with millimetric precision.

Our robotics and mixed reality technologies and expertise allow users to connect and innovate between the digital and physical worlds. In addition, Brainlab technologies power the collection of structured long-term data and medical registries. Through the neuroscience of play, Brainlab advances clinical training and education, promoting the adaptation to technological advances and creating digital models of complete interventions. Our digital ecosystem is an open interface and forms a framework for third parties to accelerate innovation in other clinical areas as well.

Brainlab systems are established in around 6300 hospitals in 120 countries to offer doctors and patients better treatment possibilities.