LUX-Dx™ ICM System

The LUX-Dx ICM System puts you in control like never before with a dual-stage algorithm that is capable of rejecting false positives and remote programming technology that lets you make critical adjustments without bringing patients into the clinic for another appointment.

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The LUX-Dx™ ICM uses dual-stage algorithms that detect and verify each potential arrhythmia before you get an alert. Detection parameters can be adjusted for each algorithm based on the chosen reason for monitoring.

The LUX-Dx™ ICM can be programmed to detect AF, pause, brady, tachy and AT, and the LUX-Dx™ ICM is uniquely programmed to separate AT from AF, resulting in a meaningful clinical benefit to capturing both AT and AF.

The LUX-Dx™ ICM System is remotely programmable, so you can make key adjustments to programming and detection from the LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System website, streamlining workflow for your whole team.

Device parameters for individuals, patient groups and reasons for monitoring can be updated at any time after implant, so physicians and care teams can make necessary adjustments without requiring a patient appointment. This can increase not just efficiency but also data quality.

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