SonoAir 70

Redefine the Future of Portable Ultrasound

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The most innovative portable ultrasound CHISON SonoAir combines high-definition image quality and intelligent features to help physicians achieve a fast and reliable diagnosis. SonoAir offers a comprehensive ultrasound solution with its comfortable and intuitive user experience for your daily point-of-care exams.

  • The lightest and thinnest touch-based laptop ultrasound to meet fast-changing environment.
  • Get away from complex workflows with smart tools designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • Made for diverse applications in the point-of-care area. More possibilities for you to choose.

CHISON SonoAir is designed to help doctors achieve higher outcomes and meet the growing demands in today’s healthcare environment. Its excellent image performance and smooth workflow can save precious time with a more accurate assessment for both doctors and their patients.

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