Aegle Medical Solutions to Distribute Mindray’s Hepatus-Series Ultrasound Systems in the USA

Mindray North America has announced that Ohio-based Aegle Medical Solutions will be the sole distributor of its Hepatus-Series Transient Elastography Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems for liver care in the US market.

Aegle Medical Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and provides a consultative approach to help healthcare professionals evaluate and implement new technologies into their clinical environments.

Mindray and Aegle Medical are committed to providing non-invasive solutions to detect, diagnose and monitor liver disease in patients, helping to reduce the risk of pain and further complications typically associated with other diagnostic methods such as liver biopsy.

The Hepatus Series ultrasound systems use transient elastography to provide clinicians with a complete solution for the non-invasive management of liver disease. The Hepatus Series systems offer a new suite of quantitative liver disease assessment tools, providing clinicians with an easy-to-use and reliable solution for diagnosing liver fibrosis and steatosis.

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