At RSNA 2023, unveiled Annalise Reporting as the latest addition to its comprehensive AI solutions, providing draft reports, fully integrated into routine radiology reporting workflow.

Available with Annalise Enterprise solutions for chest X-ray (CXR) and non-contrast head CT (NCCTB), Annalise Reporting creates comprehensive, pre-filled, editable, draft reports ready for radiologists to review and sign off.

Annalise’s AI detects up to 124 findings on CXRs and 130 findings on NCCTB studies, helping to create much more comprehensive draft reports. This solution will provide radiologists with draft reports similar to those created by a trusted colleague, streamlining the process with minimal edits and swift sign-off,” said Dr Aengus Tran, co-founder of

Annalise Reporting uses comprehensive AI models, trained on over 1 million clinical studies with over 550 million annotations created by a pool of more than 140 qualified radiologists, to codify the findings into a set of structured interpretations. Draft reports are then generated directly from the findings without the increased risk of potential errors that may be introduced by large language models used today in clinical settings and integrate seamlessly within existing reporting workflows.

The feature is available today to radiologists using Annalise Enterprise solutions in selected regions, including Australia, the UK and selected countries in South East Asia, with additional countries to be added in early 2024.

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