Asahi Kasei Medical to Distribute Exclusively AW Technologies’ TrachFlush in Japan

AW Technologies and Asahi Kasei Medical have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in Japan for AW Technologies’ TrachFlush™ device, which is currently undergoing medical device registration in Japan and is expected to be launched in fiscal 2024.

TrachFlush, which has received CE Mark in 2020 and FDA clearance in 2023, is a medical device designed to reduce the discomfort of ventilated patients while easing the workload of healthcare professionals during tracheal suctioning by assisting in the management of airway secretions (mucus) through a unique cuff pressure control system. At the touch of a button, the TrachFlush deflates the cuff and uses ventilator air pressure during an inspiratory cycle, re-inflating the cuff before the cycle is complete.

This partnership is very important for AW Technologies and Asahi Kasei Medical will play a very important role in our global expansion of TrachFlush. We believe that the TrachFlush will have a major impact in the ICU – not only by preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia, but also by non-invasively preventing the accumulation of secretions in the airways,” said Adam Hansen, CEO of AW Technologies.

We are excited to add TrachFlush to our critical care product line, where we have strength in blood purification. By leveraging our experience and expertise in blood purification, we believe this will create multiple benefits, such as improving patients’ quality of life and reducing the burden on healthcare workers,” said Ken Shinomiya, President of Asahi Kasei Medical, a core operating company of the Asahi Kasei Group.

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