Bayer and Hologic Collaborate for Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

Bayer and Hologic have announced a collaboration that combines Hologic’s leading mammography technologies with Bayer’s leading contrast delivery system for contrast-enhanced mammography, the MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX Computed Tomography (CT) Injection System, to streamline the purchasing process for radiologists and imaging facilities, providing seamless set-up and ongoing, supportive educational resources.

Contrast-enhanced mammography is a breast imaging modality whose value as an adjunct to mammography is affirmed by an increasing number of independent scientific publications. Contrast-enhanced mammography can be performed as part of routine clinical practice and used in various clinical settings, such as inconclusive findings in previous imaging procedures. The MEDRAD Stellant FLEX CT Injection System with Certegra® Workstation is the first and only CT injection system currently 510(k) cleared for use with contrast-enhanced mammography.

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