bioMérieux Makes £70M Strategic Investment in Oxford Nanopore

bioMérieux has made an immediate investment of £70 million in Oxford Nanopore to support the development of Oxford Nanopore’s products for the IVD markets in conjunction with bioMérieux’s commitment to advancing global public health.

The two companies will leverage Oxford Nanopore’s ground-breaking nanopore-based IVD solution and bioMérieux’s IVD expertise in R&D, Regulatory, Medical and Market Access, and will establish an IVD Advisory Board to advance nanopore technology into routine clinical use.

The investment strengthens the relationship between the two companies and is in line with Oxford Nanopore’s increasing focus on clinical markets through a partnership announced in April this year.

bioMérieux expects to make further market purchases of Oxford Nanopore’s shares from time to time, up to an additional 3.5% of Oxford Nanopore’s shares, subject to availability and price.

Together, the companies aim to address a significant unmet need in the clinical and diagnostic markets – an opportunity where nanopore sequencing is uniquely suited to make an impact where information-rich, rapid, accessible and affordable sequencing are critical.

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