Bionik Laboratories to Sell InMotion® Robotic Devices in Hong Kong

Bionik Laboratories has entered into a distribution agreement with Pro-Med Technology, granting Pro-Med Technology with the exclusive rights to market and sell Bionik’s InMotion® Arm/Hand robotic device in Hong Kong.

Bionik’s InMotion® robots are used in rehabilitation following stroke and other neurological conditions to help patients regain arm and hand movement. The robot guides patients through specific tasks, aiming to improve motor control of the arm and hand by increasing strength, range of motion and coordination, and assisting with the provision of efficient, effective, intensive sensorimotor therapy. InMotion® robots assist patients as needed while measuring the position, speed and acceleration to adjust to the patient’s needs during each session. Extensive clinical data on more than 1,000 patients has demonstrated that the InMotion® robots provide more effective patient outcomes than traditional therapy alone.

“By entering into this agreement with Pro-Med Technology, we are expanding our global footprint into Hong Kong,” said Richard Russo Jr., Chief Executive Officer at Bionik Laboratories. “As stroke cases continue to impact the Asian community, there is a great need for advanced rehabilitation technologies to help patients regain mobility and their independence. Pro-Med Technology is the right partner to penetrate the market and allow Bionik to become the standard of care for stroke rehabilitation across Hong Kong and we look forward to a long-term relationship with the Pro-Med team.”

Pro-Med Technology LTD are leaders within rehabilitation and sports sciences, providing innovative technology solutions for their customers across leading hospitals, clinics, education institutions and schools, welfare organizations and fitness centers.

“We look to provide the best solutions in technology, products, and services to all our customers. We are pleased to partner with Bionik to bring the InMotion devices to those who need them the most,” said Terence Yu, Founder & CEO, Pro-Med Technology. “We look forward to showcasing how InMotion can provide positive outcomes to patients affected by strokes to our customers, and the opportunity to grow our sales pipeline.”

Bionik InMotion® devices are now present across 20 countries worldwide. This recent distribution agreement follows the Company’s continued efforts to expand InMotion’s presence in Hong Kong, as well as other new markets including the EU, Canada, and Brazil.

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