BIOTRONIK Launches BIOMONITOR IV Insertable Cardiac Monitor in Europe

BIOTRONIK has announced the CE Mark approval and first European implantation of its newest insertable cardiac monitor (ICM), BIOMONITOR IV, which features Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce false-positive detections and is the only ICM on the market with premature ventricular and atrial contraction (PVC and PAC) discrimination and industry-leading signal quality and transmission success for highly reliable remote patient management.

BIOMONITOR IV features SmartECG, an intelligent system powered by AI and advanced algorithms to reduce false positive detections for atrial fibrillation (AF), bradycardia, tachycardia, and pause, reducing 86% of false detections across all major arrhythmias while keeping 98% of the clinically relevant episodes. Compared to other ICMs on the market, BIOMONITOR IV offers significant workflow enhancements through increased automation, intuitive templates and reports, and valuable clinical insights.

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