Bosch and Randox Laboratories Collaborate to Invest €150M in New Vivalytic Analysis Platform-based Tests

Bosch and Randox Laboratories have agreed to invest approximately €150 million in the joint research, development and commercialization of new tests for Bosch Healthcare’s Vivalytic analysis platform to develop a sepsis IVD grade test that will be the first to use the highly innovative BioMEMS technology.

The powerful BioMEMS chip, which combines microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with microfluidics for medical applications, adds a further innovative analysis method to the Vivalytic test cartridge, enabling it to test for a large number of different pathogens simultaneously and significantly faster. The advantages of carrying out PCR tests on the Bosch Vivalytic platform lie not only in speedy analysis, but also in the ease of use, enabling fast and targeted diagnostics directly at the point of sample collection – either at the doctor’s office or in the hospital.

Bosch has defined medical technology as a strategic growth field and aims to achieve a leading position in this market with its Vivalytic analysis platform. Bosch Healthcare Solutions and Randox are now joining forces, which is set to run for more than ten years, to accelerate the development and market launch of new tests and to make distribution channels more efficient, with the aim of achieving sales in the medium nine-figure range by 2030. Under the partnership, Bosch will contribute its technology and manufacturing expertise across the fields of molecular diagnostics, microchip development and manufacturing, and miniaturization, while Randox has 40 years of experience in the design and development of highly sensitive IVD tests performed on a variety of technologies, including microfluidic platforms.

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