Cadence Neuroscience Closes $26M Series B Financing

Redmond, WA-based Cadence Neuroscience has completed $26 million Series B financing led by Angelini Lumira Biosciences Fund (co-managed by Lumira Ventures and Angelini Ventures) and followed by F-Prime Capital, LivaNova USA, Angelini Ventures, Spectrum Financial Services, and Mayo Clinic, as well as its Series A lead investor JAZZ Venture Partners.

Gerry Brunk of Lumira Ventures and Kevin Chu of F-Prime Capital have joined the company’s board of directors.

Cadence is a clinical-stage company developing a novel neuromodulation therapy for treating pediatric and adult patients with focal drug resistant epilepsy based on research by a Mayo Clinic Neurology and Neurosurgery team, led by Gregory Worrell M.D., Ph.D., lead investigator and Mayo Clinic epileptologist.

The therapy utilizes chronic subthreshold cortical stimulation to modulate EEG biomarkers associated with epilepsy to reduce or eliminate seizures.

The company will use the Series B funds to complete pivotal clinical studies and pursue FDA clearance.

“The Cadence team has extensive domain expertise in developing active neural implants and conducting human clinical studies in the field,” said Kent Leyde, Cadence’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “During the last three years, we have been closely collaborating with Mayo Clinic in the design, manufacture, and engineering tests of our therapy system. These efforts are nearing completion and will enable us to begin clinical testing.”

“As an active investor in both medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies for epilepsy, we believe Cadence is well-positioned to drive important advances in the field of neuromodulation, with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of drug refractory epilepsy, a disease which affects millions of people across the world,” said Gerry Brunk, Managing Director at Lumira Ventures. “We believe Cadence’s platform solution has the potential to become an important standard of care in drug-resistant epilepsy as well as other difficult-to-treat brain disorders,” said Paolo Di Giorgio, CEO of Angelini Ventures.

“We think the precise, patient-specific stimulation method being developed by Cadence is unique and exciting,” said Kevin Chu, healthcare team Principal at F-Prime Capital. “We are thrilled to join the team on its important mission to bring life-changing therapies to this debilitating and difficult-to-treat disease.”

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