Cagent Vascular has closed $30 million Series C Financing led by U.S. Venture Partners (USVP), and followed by Blue Ridge Medical and Sectoral Asset Management, to accelerate US market adoption and to expand the product portfolio of the first and only Serration Angioplasty Technology.

Cagent Vascular’s Serranator PTA serration balloon catheter has three embedded, serrated elements to modify plaque by creating linear, interrupted scoring along the endoluminal surface to help with arterial expansion. The Serranator’s mechanism of action has shown greater lumen gain than plain angioplasty balloons.

We estimate that over 10,000 Serranator PTA Serration Balloon Catheters have been used to treat those suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). This infusion of capital will increase our commercial reach, helping to provide greater access for healthcare providers and their patients,” said Carol A. Burns, CEO of Cagent Vascular.

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