Canon Medical and Olympus signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on 7 September to integrate their advantageous resources in the field of precision treatment of biliary and pancreatic diseases, create a safe and efficient integrated endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) solution, provide world-leading products, technologies and services to Chinese endoscopists and patients, and help Chinese hospitals improve the diagnosis and treatment of biliary and pancreatic diseases.

In recent years, the incidence of biliary and pancreatic diseases has been increasing due to the changing social environment and lifestyle, and the growing aging population. ERCP has been considered as the gold standard for the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic and biliary diseases and has gradually replaced traditional surgery with the continuous improvement of the operating techniques and the rapid development of endoscopy and its ancillary equipment.

Compared with traditional surgery, ERCP surgery has the advantages of less trauma, less pain for patients, quicker postoperative recovery and lower treatment costs. It was estimated that there was less than 300,000 ERCP surgeries in China annually while the actual demands should be 800,000 to 1,000,000 cases, due to the shortage of ERCP technicians and equipment. The rate of ERCP surgeries is far lower than that in developed countries, which is the starting point of Canon Medical’s strategic cooperation with Olympus.

Through the strategic cooperation, the two parties will integrate their respective advantages and resources, and carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of ERCP in the areas of talent training, academic exchanges, discipline construction, and planning services, to provide Chinese users with safe and efficient integrated ERCP solution.

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