Canon Medical to Manufacture Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer TBA-FX8 in China

After 24 years of development in China, Canon Medical has installed more than 5,000 biochemistry analyzers in China including the TBA-2000FR and TBA-FX8.

Canon Medical recently held a ceremony at its Dalian plant in Liaoning province to mark the the domestic production of its TBA-FX8 fully automated biochemistry analyzer, which was approved for sale in China in June this year.

The China-made TBA-FX8 has been fully upgraded to the V2.0 software version, which is designed to help build the hospital’s intelligent laboratory.

Equipped with V2.0 software, TBA-FX8 can achieve automatic quality control of multiple sets of reagents at the same time, and support the early warning of the reaction curve, helping inspectors to quickly analyze abnormal results, find the cause of the problem, and assess the status of the instrument.

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