CardiaCare Closes Seed Extension Financing to Support AFib-related Clinical Program

Israel-based CardiaCare recently closed an over-subscribed Seed Extension round led by Solardis Health Ventures to expand the technology’s clinical program for multiple indications related to treating Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

CardiaCare’s platform can simultaneously help physicians remotely monitor their patients and create dynamic, personalized neuromodulation treatments based on the real-time patient’s condition data. CardiaCare’s mission is to become the new standard of care all-in-one therapeutic monitoring platform for cardiac arrhythmia patients across the continuum of care.

“The oversubscribed closure of this round is a reflection of the potential of CardiaCare’s technology to disrupt the standard of care for AFib. We are proud to have Solardis Health Ventures along with savvy clinical and commercial leaders support our journey. The funds will be used to support existing and future double-blind, multicenter clinical studies to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of CardiaCare’s therapy for various indications” said Ofer Halbreich, CEO.

“CardiaCare’s innovative solution has the potential to significantly disrupt the standard of care in the treatment of AFib and other arrhythmias with a non-invasive wearable that administers neuromodulation stimulation therapy. Multiple clinical studies are already under way as we push to bring this advancement in cardiac care to market,” said Ken Nelson, Chairman.

“CardiaCare’s novel approach to treating AFib using neuromodulation will be a paradigm shift for the millions of patients that have no alternatives to toxic drugs, cardioversion shock therapy, or invasive procedures. Solardis Health Ventures is proud to lead this round and support CardiaCare’s mission to become the first therapeutic wearable for cardiac arrhythmia patients,” added Amir Soltanianzadeh, Founder & Managing Partner of Solardis Health Ventures.

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