Carestream Awarded Lot in National Tender to Supply 64 Premium X-ray Room Systems to Public Hospitals Across Italy

Carestream Health has been awarded a lot in a tender with Concessionaria Servizi Informativi Pubblici (CONSIP) to supply 64 DRX-Evolution Plus systems—each with Smart Room features, Smart Noise Cancellation and two DRX Plus detectors—to healthcare facilities across Italy.

The CONSIP committee, the national purchasing organization supporting procurement for the Public Administration of Italy, assigned Carestream the extensive partnership based on competitive scoring that demonstrated Carestream’s superior image quality enabled in part by Smart Noise Cancellation (SNC) and long-length imaging; and the advanced features of the DRX-Evolution Plus. The agreement supports a national plan to renew Italy’s health care infrastructure.

“We are proud that our flagship DRX-Evolution Plus earned the highest quality score of all bidders in this public tender. More importantly, we are gratified to bring the benefits of improved patient outcomes and an easier imaging experience to patients and radiology staff throughout Italy,” said Vincent Chan, President of EMEA and APAC regions for Carestream Health.

“This substantial win reinforces Carestream’s reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality imaging in Italy and throughout Europe. We appreciate that CONSIP recognized the value of our high-performance, productivity-boosting Smart Room features as well as our exceptional image quality,” said Jane Moverley, Europe Sales Cluster Manager, Carestream Health.

The tender includes advanced Smart Room features on the DRX-Evolution Plus that automate tasks and workflow steps to streamline processes, support radiographer productivity and ease of use, and enhance patient care. Software features available through the tender include:

  • Carestream’s AI-based Smart Noise Cancellation— a groundbreaking technology that provides improved diagnostic quality, preservation of fine detail and better contrast-to-noise ratio for images acquired at clinically nominal exposures.*
  • Auto long-length imaging that allows the capture of vertebral and long-bone images with automatic alignment—capturing and stitching the images for speed and efficiency.
  • Carestream’s Digital Tomosynthesis software that acquires multiple projection images at varying orientations of the X-ray tube, patient and detector, and then reconstructs these projection images into a series of slices. Its separation of overlapping structures is similar to that of a standard CT exam, but works at a much lower dose.

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