Clarius PAL HD3 Whole-body Ultrasound Scanner Now Available in Australia

Clarius Mobile Health announces that its revolutionary Clarius PAL HD3 wireless handheld whole-body ultrasound scanner is now available in Australia, offering superior image quality of superficial and deep anatomy at the bedside.

As compact as an iPhone, Clarius works seamlessly with iOS or Android devices for easy mobility from patient to patient. The Clarius PAL HD3 is the only handheld whole-body scanner that delivers high-resolution images from the skin to a depth of 40 cm without the need to change devices or move bulky systems between rooms. It’s the 11th wireless handheld ultrasound scanner in the Clarius specialised ultrasound range.

Clarius ultrasound scanners are proven to deliver superior image quality, using the same advanced 8-beamformer processing technology found in higher-end conventional systems. With high frame rates for sharper images for deep imaging and stunning detail at higher frequencies, Clarius provides clear and detailed images to guide safe procedures and support accurate and rapid patient assessment.

With Clarius PAL, we set out to create a new class of whole-body ultrasound device that produces superior image quality for superficial and deep anatomy that no other handheld devices can match,” said Kris Dickie, Chief Technology Officer at Clarius Mobile Health.

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