Eko Health Closes $41 Million Series D Financing for AI-Driven Heart and Lung Disease Detection

Eko Health has secured $41 million in Series D financing from ARTIS Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, NTTVC, and Questa Capital, aimed at enhancing both U.S. and global access to its early disease detection platform. This investment will help Eko deepen its U.S. market presence and accelerate its expansion into international markets, with strategic backing from Double Point Ventures in the U.S., EDBI in Singapore, and LG Technology Ventures in South Korea. With this infusion of capital and necessary regulatory approvals, Eko is set to broaden the reach of its AI-enabled cardiac and pulmonary disease detection tools, which are designed to empower healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes.

This funding follows significant commercial and clinical milestones for Eko, including U.S. FDA clearances for its structural heart murmur and low ejection fraction (Low EF) detection algorithms. A study at Massachusetts General Hospital validated Eko’s murmur detection algorithm, showing it doubled the identification rate of structural heart murmurs in primary care compared to traditional methods. Additionally, research at Imperial College London demonstrated that Eko’s Low EF detection algorithm, developed with Mayo Clinic, significantly enhanced the identification of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in general practice clinics. These advancements reduce diagnostic delays and facilitate earlier medical interventions, thereby improving patient outcomes.

“Eko leverages AI to make expert-level cardiac and pulmonary disease detection universally accessible,” said Connor Landgraf, CEO and co-founder of Eko Health. He likened Eko’s transformation of the stethoscope to how Ring revolutionized doorbells into comprehensive security systems. Vas Bailey, PhD, Chair of the Board at Eko Health and Partner at ARTIS Ventures, highlighted the personal impact of undetected heart disease and praised Eko’s commitment to saving lives. By building an extensive dataset of digital heart and lung sounds, Eko is developing clinical AI solutions that can be used globally, aiming to equip millions of clinicians with advanced diagnostic tools to improve early disease detection.

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