At RSNA 2023, Aidoc has announced a $30 million investment to create the first comprehensive clinical AI foundation model.

A recent study found that hospitals currently leverage only 3% of their available data, leaving behind insights that can only be realized through AI-powered precision medicine. Aidoc’s foundation model seeks to unlock this untapped resource on a large scale with a focus on addressing three key areas:

  • Accelerated Development: Enabling faster development of robust imaging algorithms.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addressing a broad range of medical conditions, enhancing diagnostic thoroughness.
  • Unmatched Precision: Establishing new benchmarks for accuracy in medical imaging AI, particularly in the integration of multi-modal information.

This investment is not only about technological advancement; it’s about reshaping the future of medical imaging. Our Imaging AI Foundation Model is positioned to revolutionize the way millions of patients around the world are diagnosed and treated,” said Elad Walach, CEO of Aidoc.

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