At RSNA 2023, ImageBiopsy Lab has introduced IB Lab FLAMINGO, a fully automated software that identifies asymptomatic spinal fractures in CT scans. Utilizing the gold standard Genant classification, IB Lab FLAMINGO highlights relevant fractures and empowers proactive treatment for healthcare professionals.

Osteoporosis affects approximately 200 million people worldwide and leads to 9 million fragility fractures annually, the majority of which are vertebral fractures (VFs). Its silent progression can cause pain, reduced mobility and reduced quality of life. In addition to personal suffering, fragility fractures put a strain on global public health systems, escalating treatment costs and mortality rates, and posing societal challenges.

“Together with expert clinicians, UCB has developed this deep learning computational model that can detect vertebral compression fractures on CT scans. ImageBiopsy Lab, a musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology AI company, has refined the technology and is now ready to integrate it into clinical care. With 80% of fragility fractures going undiagnosed and untreated today, we’re excited about the potential of ImageBiopsy Lab FLAMINGO to help close the global treatment gap in osteoporosis,” said Jen Timoshanko, Head of Medical Affairs, Bone Health Mission at UCB.

ImageBiopsy Lab FLAMINGO’s ability to detect vertebral fractures provides a critical, automated solution for early risk assessment and targeted treatment in addressing the complexities of osteoporosis,” said Prof. Andreas Kurth, Director of the Center for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery at Marienhaus Klinikum Mainz, Germany.