Exo® Launches Cardiac and Lung AI on Exo Iris™ Handheld ultrasound System

Exo® has announced that its FDA-cleared cardiac and lung artificial intelligence (AI) applications are now available on Exo Iris™ handheld ultrasound device, providing caregivers with immediate answers to speed diagnosis and create new care pathways for heart failure patients at the point of care.

With the launch of Exo’s latest AI capabilities, health systems and caregivers can leverage Exo Iris to simplify the process of obtaining and interpreting medical images specific to the heart and lungs, speeding diagnosis and treatment no matter where they are located. As the industry leader in AI, Exo now has FDA 510k clearances for five different applications – cardiac, lung, bladder, hip and thyroid – with plans to double the number of clearances by 2025.

Exo’s AI is simple to use, reproducible and objective, and will contribute to more accessible and reliable healthcare for all,” said Sandeep Akkaraju, Co-founder and CEO of Exo. In addition to cardiac and lung AI, Exo Iris now features Pulsed-Wave Doppler capabilities to provide physicians with even more opportunities to look at blood velocity to support diagnosis and deeper findings in cardiac, abdominal and vascular applications.

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