FujiFilm Opens NURA Health Screening Center in Hyderabad, India

FUJIFILM has opened a new NURA health screening center in Hyderabad, India, which will be dedicated to screening with a focus on cancer and lifestyle diseases.

NURA will provide high-quality, Japanese-style health screening services to local residents and employees of nearby companies/medical institutions. In addition, in collaboration with Microsoft Japan, NURA will promote research on AI assistant avatars that support feedback of health screening results and post-screening follow-up using AI technology.

Health screening is expected not only to detect diseases such as cancer at an early stage, but also to prevent diseases by understanding the physical condition. However, there are few health screening centers in emerging countries, and the culture of regular health screenings has not taken root. Fujifilm will continue to establish new NURA health screening centers and further expand its health screening service business in emerging countries.

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