GE HealthCare and Medis Medical Imaging Collaborate to Advance Precision Care in CAD Treatment

GE HealthCare and Medis Medical Imaging have partnered to advance precision care in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD) by working together to advance the development and commercialisation of Medis Quantitative Flow Ratio (Medis QFR), a non-invasive approach to assessing coronary physiology, as part of GE HealthCare’s interventional cardiology portfolio built on the Allia platform.

The collaboration aims to provide access to emerging technologies, such as Medis QFR, while reducing complexity in the cath lab to improve the working environment for clinicians. The collaboration will make Medis QFR available to clinicians as a new, non-invasive, image-based diagnostic approach for the assessment of coronary physiology and the management of CAD.

QFR represents a significant advancement in the assessment of coronary artery disease in terms of how efficiently it can provide critical insight. We’re excited to work with Medis Medical Imaging to add innovative, non-invasive, image-based QFR to our portfolio of offerings around our Allia IGS platform to streamline the clinician experience and help us deliver on our vision for the future of image-guided therapy,” said Arnaud Marie, General Manager for Global Intervention at GE HealthCare.

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