GE HealthCare Launches AI-Enhanced Voluson Signature 20 and 18 Ultrasound Systems for Women’s Health Imaging

GE HealthCare has launched two ultrasound systems, Voluson Signature 20 and Voluson Signature 18, that comprehensively integrate artificial intelligence (AI), advanced tools and an ergonomic design to speed exam time for clinicians while delivering a clearer picture of various conditions.

These latest systems combine powerful hardware with flexible, scalable software to give clinicians greater confidence in their diagnosis and treatment decisions, enabling a range of efficiencies in women’s healthcare.

    Next-generation image clarity can help clinicians detect fetal abnormalities and hard-to-spot gynecological emergencies or conditions earlier, which can make a big difference in a patient’s treatment plan and overall health,” said Gerald Seifriedsberger, general manager of Women’s Health Ultrasound at GE HealthCare.

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