GE HealthCare China and the Beijing Municipal Government formally signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on April 20, jointly defining cooperation in four major areas, including:

  • Increase investment in innovative R&D and supply chains in Beijing, and continue to improve the innovation capabilities of the medical industry;
  • Promote the innovation and technological transformation of the entire industrial chain of domestic medical device manufacturing, and cultivate the ecology of Beijing’s innovative medical industry;
  • Deepen clinical and scientific research cooperation, and promote the construction of Beijing’s medical and health service system;
  • Optimize the talent environment and help recruit talents.

According to the agreement, GE HealthCare will invest in Beijing Imaging Equipment Manufacturing Base and expand the 2,000 square meters production line of high-end molecular imaging equipment. The first product, Discovery Future PET/CT, has been put into production and will be delivered to the customer soon.

GE Healthcare Beijing Imaging Equipment Manufacturing Base has been established for over 30 years, covering dozens of products such as CT, digital radiography, and mammography equipment. It is currently one of the largest imaging equipment manufacturing bases worldwide for GE Healthcare.

In the future, GE Healthcare’s other world-leading molecular imaging equipment, such as SPECT/CT and PET/CT, will be produced in the Beijing Base.

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