Geisinger Implements Exo Works™ POCUS Workflow Software to Enhance Patient Care

Geisinger has implemented Exo Works™, a point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) workflow software from Exo to simplify and streamline ultrasound exam documentation, billing, and quality assurance at the point of care to improve patient outcomes.

“We are excited to collaborate with Exo, who shares Geisinger’s vision of making the patient experience more efficient, attentive, and accurate—all qualities that make up the foundation to make better health easier,” said Aalpen A. Patel, M.D., Department Chair of Radiology at Geisinger. “Geisinger has long been committed to accelerating healthcare innovation regionally and beyond. We’re proud to be the first facility in Pennsylvania to implement Exo Works.”

Exo Works addresses decades-long healthcare infrastructure challenges with post-exam documentation by integrating disparate process steps into one platform. Its secure, cloud-based solution can be accessed from a phone, tablet, or web browser, enabling physicians to do their work from anywhere.

Geisinger has implemented Exo Works in their Emergency, Women’s Health, and Sports Medicine departments, and plans to expand to 14 other health departments soon. Having Exo Works seamlessly integrated with Geisinger’s electronic health record (EHR) and picture archiving and communication system (PACS) systems means that ultrasound images will now appear in patient records, giving the clinicians who meet with patients downstream the ability to visually reference prior ultrasound procedures and examinations, rather than simply relying on notes.

Exo Works™ – Your POCUS Workflow Solution

“Exo has made a tremendous impact and is one of the few companies out there that approach POCUS workflow challenges from a system-wide, enterprise perspective rather than a siloed approach,” said Aalpen A. Patel, M.D. “Exo addresses inefficiency challenges by blending intuitive design, security, and documentation best practices into one. Exo Works is great for improving patient care but also for our clinicians, so that makes it a win-win.”

Exo Works comprises just one component of Exo’s growing medical imaging ecosystem, which emphasizes a holistic approach to expanding ultrasound use at the point of care. The company acquired Medo AI, a medical artificial intelligence (AI) company, in 2022 and is preparing to release its category-redefining handheld device in the near future.

“It is so important to bolster talented caregivers at the point of care with powerful software that accelerates and enhances the patient experience. We’ve designed Exo Works to do just this,” said Sandeep Akkaraju, Co-founder and CEO of Exo. “With Geisinger’s deep medical expertise and numerous care facilities, we are excited to bring the future of medical imaging to Pennsylvania and beyond.”

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