Gilde Healthcare has announced the acquisition of Koscher & Würtz (K&W), a Spaichingen, Germany-based developer and manufacturer of reusable and disposable surgical instruments for world-class OEMs, marking a major step in Gilde Healthcare’s creation of a market-leading instrument contract manufacturing group.

Founded in 1983, K&W grew out to a leading player in its market niche. Its continued focus on quality and customers‘ satisfaction has resulted in long-term customer relationships and allowed the company to grow with its clients.

K&W will join Tuttlingen-based Chr. Diener, which was acquired by Gilde Healthcare in July 2022, as a group company with a total of approximately 300 highly qualified employees. By joining forces, K&W and Chr. Diener will be able to offer their customers an even broader product portfolio, while benefiting from shared expertise and best practices. The joint vision is to create a leading contract manufacturer of precision medical instruments.

K&W brings an important additional segment with disposable instruments to the group and there is also a great strategic fit between K&W and Chr. Diener,” said Rafael Natanek, General Partner at Gilde Healthcare Private Equity.

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