Hiroshima University Initiates Clinical Research on Canon Medical’s Photon-Counting CT

Hiroshima University has initiated clinical research using Canon Medical’s Photon-Counting CT (PCCT) system to rapidly advance its practical application, led by Professor Kazuo Awai of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Hiroshima University Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences.

Canon Medical entered into a basic agreement with Hiroshima University in November 2023 for joint clinical research to explore the clinical usefulness of data captured by PCCT, evaluate and optimize various types of diagnostic information provided by PCCT, and determine imaging protocols. A PCCT system is a diagnostic imaging system equipped with a next-generation detector (photon-counting detector) capable of collecting data by identifying the energy of incident X-rays, differentiating multiple material compositions, and is expected to improve diagnostic accuracy through superior quantitation.

In Europe, Canon Medical entered into a clinical research agreement with Radboud University Medical Center in November 2023 for the of early practical application of PCCT. Through the early implementation of PCCT, which brings together various technologies that Canon has cultivated over the years, Canon Medical aims to take the No. 1 share in the global CT market.

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