Huawei has released the Digital Medical Technology Solution, a unified architecture based on cloud computing, big data, and AI, which will benefit medical imaging services in hospitals and help the healthcare industry go smart.

The Solution has five key features, namely hospital-wide data convergence, multi-protocol and copy-free, lossless compression, SmartCache 2.0 AI prefetch, and video-network collaboration. Over 1000 images and pathology slices can be viewed in seconds, saving 30% of storage space and 70% of equipment room space. It also helps deliver accurate, efficient, and consistent image reading and diagnosis services.

With a focus on healthcare intelligence, Huawei is committed to breaking digital boundaries and developing innovative healthcare solutions for all scenarios to facilitate the high-quality development of the healthcare industry.

To date, Huawei has served more than 5,000 hospitals and research institutions in over 90 countries and regions, and has more than 3,300 ecosystem partners.

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