iCAD Unveils Enhanced ProFound Detection Workstation Features to Streamline Mammogram Interpretation for Radiologists

iCAD has announced new, advanced workstation features for ProFound Detection for both 2D and 3D mammography in its latest V3 Service Pack update, designed to improve the readability of iCAD results through a configuration option to limit to three lesion marks visible on a workstation view displaying 3D images, ensuring that radiologists can interpret the most critical information thereby streamlining the diagnostic process for more efficient decision-making.

The introduction of color-coded lesion marks and case scores on the ProFound Scorecard provides an intuitive visual aid, allowing radiologists to discern the suspicion level of detected abnormalities quickly. This color-coded system, based on cancer occurrence per screening population, offers a concise, comprehensive representation of the severity of detected lesions and the overall case, further aiding in accurate diagnoses and prioritization of cases.

Support for fine-tuning score ranges based on a facility’s own real-world data enables users to customize the detection system according to their specific clinical needs, enhancing performance and adaptability to varying patient populations.

With these new capabilities, we’re enhancing radiologists’ interpretability and efficiency in cancer detection. The release of the V3 Detection Service Pack marks another milestone, representing a commitment to ongoing enhancement and ensuring that ProFound Detection remains at the forefront of early cancer detection solutions,” said Dana Brown, President and CEO of iCAD.

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