Altstätten, Switzerland-based icotec ag has raised $30 million from MVM Partners and is commercializing groundbreaking BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK products that may offer significant clinical advantages over traditional metal implants in the context of spine oncology.

Since receiving FDA clearance in 2019, many designated US cancer centers have adopted Icotec’s BlackArmor® products. This investment will enable icotec to continue its impressive growth and strengthen its research and development capabilities to expand the portfolio into the underserved indications of spinal infection and osteoporosis.

MVM has a strong track record of supporting and partnering with innovative healthcare companies and recognizes the potential of icotec’s technology to transform patient care. The partnership represents a vote of confidence in icotec’s leadership, products, and the overall trajectory of the company.

icotec’s BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK implants represent a huge step forward in the treatment of complex spine disease. For the first time clinicians have the choice to be able to accurately visualize and treat patients after surgery without the artifacts and limitations of traditional metal implants. We see this as a big step forward for patient care,” said Thomas Casdagli, Partner at MVM.

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