iMerit Introduces Radiology Annotation Product Suite

AI data solutions company iMerit introduces its new Radiology Annotation Product Suite, a solution set that manages, protects, and structures data for radiology AI use cases.

The Radiology Annotation Product Suite is built upon iMerit’s Ango Hub platform, an end-to-end enterprise-grade technology platform designed to deliver data annotation tools for AI teams. The suite offers a full array of solutions including data sourcing, workflow design, state of the art data annotation tooling, and human in the loop expertise within a single platform. The combination of iMerit’s technology and radiology expertise provides seamless execution from training data to regulatory benchmarking.

One of the biggest challenges in building radiology AI applications is the need for specialized tooling and insights from domain experts to deliver training data with the required accuracy and precision. For developers, the suite delivers automation, annotation tools and analytics into a single platform that enables accurate data pipelines for rapidly scaling radiology AI solutions into production.

“The central vision of our suite is to bring together the human expertise required for accuracy, with a platform for secure data management and automation into a single solution,” said Sina Bari MD, Senior Director of Medical AI, iMerit. Notable features include:

  • Consensus and multistep customized workflows designed for Radiologists
  • Multiplanar functionality & 3D volume rendering for diagnostic-level annotation accuracy
  • Smart automation tools and model integration for fast, efficient annotation
  • CFR 21 Part 11, HIPAA, and SOC2 for data security and regulatory compliance

The solution integrates U.S. and offshore experts, including board-certified radiologists, within a highly secure end to end platform for cost-effective scaling of annotation efforts.

“We work with the leading medical AI brands today and deeply understand their challenges for developing AI applications. The Radiology Annotation Product Suite was built to scale their data annotation efforts while delivering unmatched quality, accuracy, and speed required to build these important life saving technologies,” said Radha Basu, founder and CEO, iMerit.

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