Integrated Endoscopy and Frii Medical Collaborate for Wireless, Single-Use Shaver System

Integrated Endoscopy has collaborated with Frii Medical to bring Frii’s proprietary single-use shaver system to the global market, offering surgeons and health centers the freedom to operate efficiently in any operating room setting and eliminating power cords to the controller.

The system comes with a reusable motor / battery module and the associated recharger station. Blades and burrs can be changed intraoperatively to handle any type of procedure.

Like Integrated Endoscopy’s NUVIS single-use arthroscope, Frii’s single-use battery shaver system eliminates the costs of processing and sterilization, ensuring quality and performance every time and significantly reducing the cost of capital equipment required with traditional shaver systems.

The synergy between Frii’s shaver and our existing family of wireless arthroscopy products is a natural fit and we look forward to providing surgeons with the optimal convenience of a family of innovative devices that are critical to the wireless experience,” said Brad Sharp, CEO of Integrated Endoscopy.

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