Argon Medical Launches Kodiak™ Dual Port Coaxial Introducer Kit

Argon Medical Devices announced the launch of the Kodiak™ Dual Port Coaxial Introducer Kit for precise and streamlined introduction of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vasculature.

The Kodiak Dual Port Coaxial Introducer Kit is designed for versatility in a variety of vascular procedures. Kodiak allows physicians to use a robust, large bore sheath and a unique Y-shaped adapter to introduce multiple components simultaneously through a single access site. As a result, Kodiak can simplify complex procedures where the rigours of the procedure require a robust device to deliver treatment efficiently.

The Kodiak Dual Port Coaxial Introducer Kit offers unmatched versatility and robustness for a variety of complex endovascular procedures that require the simultaneous introduction of multiple components into the vasculature,” said Tom Younker, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Argon Medical.

The Kodiak was developed to address the unmet need for a durable introducer system that is robust enough to accommodate the anatomical diversity commonly encountered in vascular procedures,” said George Leondis, President & CEO of Argon Medical.