At RSNA 2023, GE HealthCare has announced the release of MyBreastAI Suite, a new, all-in-one platform of artificial intelligence (AI) apps to help support early detection and improve patient outcomes, as well as help radiology departments improve operational productivity.

MyBreastAI Suite integrates three AI applications from iCAD’s ProFound Breast Health Suite, including:

  • ProFound AI for DBT: to provide radiologists with crucial information, such as lesion Certainty of Finding and Case Scores, which assists in prioritizing caseloads, clinical decision-making, and reducing burnout.
  • SecondLook for 2D Mammography: to identify and mark regions of interest on screening and diagnostic mammograms from GE HealthCare’s full-field digital mammography (FFDM) systems, bringing them to the attention of the radiologist after the first reading.
  • PowerLook Density Assessment: to standardize breast density assessment and reduce variability across multiple radiologists; to simplify and standardize reporting and stratification for clinicians; and to enable clinicians to provide women with accurate and reliable breast density assessments based on AI mammography analysis.

GE HealthCare continues to explore the power of AI in mammography to support the early detection of breast cancer. As screening guidelines continue to evolve and more attention is given to personal risk factors, these kinds of tools are an important addition to our breast imaging technologies,” said Pooja Pathak, Vice President and General Manager of Mammography at GE HealthCare.

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