KKR, Hologic and Ajax Health Collaborate on Innovation in Lung Cancer Detection

A new platform called Maverix Medical has been established with investments from KKR and Hologic, and will be led by Ajax Health, under the leadership of CEO Duke Rohlen, to develop and acquire innovative technologies and commercial operations in the lung cancer disease category.

KKR and Ajax Health will contribute an existing portfolio company, Serpex Medical, to the platform. Serpex Medical is developing an innovative steerable technology that can precisely target lung tissue for biopsy or delivery of therapy.

KKR is investing in Maverix through its Health Care Strategic Growth strategy, without disclosing additional terms of the transaction.

This unique strategic partnership has enormous potential to develop, advance and bring to market differentiated devices and diagnostics and enable meaningful treatments for lung cancer patients,” said Ali Satvat, Partner, Co-Head of Americas Health Care and Global Head of Health Care Strategic Growth at KKR.

This is an ideal strategic collaboration to develop winning medical technologies that drive transformational growth and impact patients. The Ajax team looks forward to combining our successful experience in building portfolios of innovative products with Hologic’s world-class commercial and strategic capabilities and KKR’s approach to scaling companies and supporting growth to create value and improve patient outcomes,” said Duke Rohlen.

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