Laborie Medical Technologies Invests in CarePath Uroflow Device Developer iO Urology

Laborie Medical Technologies has invested in iO Urology, a venture-backed medical technology company that developed CarePath®, an at-home, handheld uroflow device that is FDA-approved and has been utilized in multiple urology clinics in the US.

CarePath’s simplistic model allows the device to be shipped directly to the patient’s home and uses embedded cellular connectivity, providing reliable, accurate data and improves diagnosing and managing lower urinary tract (LUTS) issues such as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). Patients see their voids and functions first-hand and receive education about BPH and the various treatment options available to manage the disease.

With CarePath, 91% of patients returned to the clinic to review the CarePath Uroflow report with their provider and consider surgical intervention. Men who were educated with repetitive measurements of urine volume flow and disease education were significantly more likely to engage in managing the condition.

The team at iO Urology developed a state-of-the-art device with a dynamic patient ecosystem that empowers patient engagement as a superior standard of care. Our missions are closely aligned, making this a natural investment to continue accelerating Laborie’s position and expertise in the advanced diagnostics market,” said Tim Panciera, Vice President and General Manager of Laborie’s Urology Business Unit.

We’re eager to collaborate with Laborie to offer a convenient, accessible solution for managing urological conditions in the home,” said Britton Garrett, Co-Founder and CEO of iO Urology.

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