Lazurite Appoints IMMS as New Distributor for ArthroFree® System in New York State

Lazurite® has appointed Intuitive Modern Medical Solutions (IMMS) as the distributor of its ArthroFree® Wireless Camera System for the state of New York, excluding New York City.

ArthroFree is the first FDA-cleared wireless camera for arthroscopy and general endoscopy, both areas of minimally invasive surgery, and is designed to help surgeons work with maximum dexterity and focus without the interruptions and contamination associated with camera cables.

IMMS is a great fit for us with their focus on innovative new technology and coverage of New York State, and their emphasis on training and educating their team members so they can be an asset to their customers before, during and after surgery,” said Leah Brownlee, President of Lazurite.

Founded in 2016 by Principal and CEO Jeffrey Thomas, IMMS currently has nine representatives and an offering that includes arthroscopy and laparoscopy, extremity and sports tissues and biologics, and total joint replacement. As an added benefit to surgeons and its manufacturer partners, IMMS has an in-house evaluation laboratory.

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