LeadInno Medical Valley Closes Over RMB 100M Series A+ Financing

Beijing-based LeadInno Medical Valley (北京领创医谷科技发展有限公司) has completed over RMB 100 million ($13.6M) Series A+ financing led by Fortune Capital and followed by Wuxi Zhaoze Lifeng Investment Management, for the R&D and production of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) products, as well as for the company’s operations.

LeadInno Medical Valley is a leading developer of innovative wireless energy-carrying neuromodulation medical devices in China, focusing on innovative technologies in the field of neuromodulation and pain management.

The company is led by Academician Jisheng Han, the founder of China’s neuromodulation field, and Professor Bifa Fan, the leader of China’s pain science technology, as the chief scientists.

LeadInno Medical Valley decided to make a breakthrough with its innovative wireless portable neurostimulation technology platform, starting with spinal cord nerve stimulation (SCS), and independently developed the first InnoPulse-SCS wireless portable implantable neurostimulation product in China, which is about to enter the clinical trial stage.

LeadInno Medical Valley has laid out the SpineInno spine minimally invasive product line represented by spinal endoscopy technology, of which the interlaminar product system SpineInno-TOP and the dual-channel endoscopy product system SpineInno-UBE have already been approved in China.

It is expected that SpineInno-SIP, an interlaminar lens surgical system, and SpineInno-DLA, a large-channel surgical system, will also be available in China by Q1 2024.

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