MEACOR has closed a $15 million Series A financing to advance its innovative transcatheter heart valve repair technology.

The fund will allow us to strategically expand our team to rapidly achieve critical milestones while maintaining our lean and efficient R&D and clinical operations,” said Toufic Azar, CEO and co-founder of MEACOR, a privately held medical device company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for minimally invasive heart valve repair using breakthrough transcatheter cryoadhesion technology to significantly impact the lives of patients worldwide.

MEACOR’s proprietary technology, Cryocinch, is designed to use on-demand cryoadhesion to compensate for cardiac motion, enabling precise and reproducible implantation of interconnected anchors along the valve annulus to effectively stop regurgitation. This minimally invasive procedure, if approved, could offer numerous patient benefits over traditional open-heart surgery, including shorter recovery times, reduced risk of complications and lower overall costs.

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