Medixine and Nonin Medical Collaborate to Advance Remote Digital Monitoring Services

Espoo, Finland-based Medixine and Nonin Medical have announced a partnership in the US market to combine Medixine’s digital remote patient monitoring software platform with Nonin’s pulse oximetry devices. The collaboration highlights how the integration of physical devices with software-driven solutions has the potential to significantly improve patient comfort, convenience, and care quality, while reducing the burden on overworked clinicians and under-resourced care providers by reducing the number of unnecessary hospital visits.

By deepening our partnership with Nonin Medical, we’re setting ambitious goals together to bring the significant benefits of digital remote care to patients and clinicians across the United States. It’s particularly meaningful for us that a renowned market leader like Nonin Medical has chosen our remote patient monitoring platform for its first transition from devices to digital services,” said Lasse Rousi, CEO of Medixine.

Our pulse oximetry devices need to be paired with an equally reliable and robust software platform to unlock their full potential, and we see Medixine as a perfect fit, offering tremendous potential benefits together in understanding overnight oxygen requirements,” said Aaron Lobbestael, Sr. Director of Advanced Technology at Nonin Medical, a leading manufacturer of noninvasive medical monitoring devices.

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