Medtec China 2020 officially open for visitor registration

The medical device industry was the first to bear the brunt of the COVID-19 epidemic at the end of 2019, and China’s high-end medical device reserves, production and R&D capabilities were well illustrated. As an international high-quality one-stop sourcing platform for the upstream of China’s medical device manufacturing, Medtec China has been committed to introducing the medical device industry over the past 15 years with thousands of high-quality brand suppliers from nearly 27 countries around the world. The exhibition will take place in Shanghai September 14-16, and bring together more than 500 companies. About 85 new exhibitors have been signed up, with new ones from across China accounting for nearly 80%.

Leading advanced Medtech enterprises in various fields gathering at Medtec

According to a recent industry survey of Medtec, the overseas supply chains have been affected to varying degrees by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical device manufacturers now see surging demand to seek new suppliers. About 96% of those surveyed admitted they had such a demand. At a critical moment like this, high-quality and ultra-precision medical resources and services are needed more than ever. Medtec China 2020 will bring leading Chinese and international suppliers together for buyers and R&D engineers, such as Mikron, Maider, Leedon, Kahle Automation, Teamtechnik Production Technology and other senior exhibitors in the medical automation area. As for medical materials and precision processing equipment, Lubrizol, Nusil, Solvay, Microcare, MeKo Laser, ANV Laser, 3K Laser, ChanXan, Theta Micro, Yunko, Johnson Matthey, Fort Wayne, Prince & Izant, and TANAKA Precious Metals will have a presence once again. As an international and professional exhibition, Medtec appears inviting to more companies. The number of automation exhibitors, for example, will ramp up by 25% this year. For more up-to-date products, technologies and solutions, please pay a site visit by then and discuss the technical problems with the exhibitors.

Orthopedics and dental products set the trend

At present, the sales of orthopedics and dental products have declined sharply in the short run, but only temporarily–overall demand is still huge. With 15 years of intensive development in the medical field, Medtec China has offered insights into the huge market of orthopedics and dentistry products. For the first time this year, the show will open special areas for orthopedics, dentistry and 3D printing to provide more high-quality supplier resources for manufacturers in this field.

A high-quality free onsite conference in this field — Core Components and Technologies Seminar of Orthopaedic and Dental Products — will also be held. Click here to view more onsite conferences.

Medtec China 2020 boasts nearly 2,000 international resources, and will gather 500+ technology, equipment and material suppliers from home and abroad to conduct face-to-face exchanges with nearly 30,000 visitors. Medtec China 2020 is now officially open for pre-registration. In order to address the procurement difficulties with buyers and R&D engineers throughout the year, Medtec China has launched its offline match service, to provide global supplier resource matching service for companies with procurement demand, 24 hours, all year round, to become the best procurement partner for medical device manufacturers.

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