Medtronic Unveils ColonPRO™ Software for GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy System

Medtronic unveiled ColonPRO™, the latest generation of software for the GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy system, which enables the GI Genius™ system to take a significant leap forward in AI-driven polyp detection by introducing an enhanced algorithm supported by a dataset twice the size of the previous one, resulting in a significant improvement in detection capabilities.

Medtronic also announced its collaboration with Modernizing Medicine® (ModMed), a pioneer in healthcare technology and electronic health records (EHR), further underscoring its commitment to a synergistic approach to the future of endoscopic care. ModMed’s gGastro® EHR software complements the GI Genius™ system to provide robust documentation solutions. The two companies will begin testing new capabilities for future integration, moving closer to their shared vision of enabling the gGastro® EHR software to receive real-time, AI-generated data from the GI Genius™ system, making the documentation process more efficient and allowing physicians to spend more time caring for patients.

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