Mendaera Acquires Telepresence Technology from Avail Medsystems

Mendaera has acquired the telepresence technology of Avail Medsystems to increase patient access to high-quality intervention, streamlining patient care within healthcare systems burdened by workforce shortages and burnout.

Mendaera’s robotic platform aims to improve precision and consistency for a broad range of image-guided, needle-based interventions, and expand the capabilities of healthcare providers. Avail’s telepresence technology enables healthcare professionals to virtually connect during procedures to collaborate and share clinical expertise. This combined suite of technologies aims to dramatically improve access to consistent intervention and clinical expertise across the healthcare system.

The acquisition will allow us to work more closely with the clinical community and accelerate the development and adoption of our platform. The combination of robotics and telepresence technology will amplify what healthcare providers are able to do for their patients,” said Josh DeFonzo, co-founder and CEO of Mendaera.

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