Moon Surgical Announces First Commercial Use of Maestro System Powered by NVIDIA Holoscan to Treat Over 200 Patients

Moon Surgical has announced that its Maestro system, powered by NVIDIA Holoscan, a powerful edge computing platform that enables real-time artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to be deployed in the operating room for immediate benefits during surgery, has been used by surgeons at Baptist Health to successfully perform weight loss surgery on more than 200 patients.

Moon Surgical has now integrated Holoscan into its commercial Maestro system to enable its first computer vision-based feature, ScoPilot™, which allows surgeons to autonomously control the laparoscope without taking their hands off the surgical instruments. More than ten surgeons have used the Maestro system and ScoPilot in two hospitals in France.

AI is at the top of mind for the next wave of MedTech innovators like Moon Surgical, and this proof-of-concept showing an AI application running on NVIDIA Holoscan in real-time during Maestro surgery validates the principle behind our platform,” said Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare at NVIDIA.

Surgeons are amazed at the fluidity and speed that ScoPilot brings to the operating room. This is a perfect example of how Maestro is ready for more digital features, enabled by NVIDIA Holoscan, that deliver transformative experiences for the operating room,” said Anne Osdoit, CEO of Moon Surgical and Partner at Sofinnova Partners.

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