MPE Inc. Launches New Capital Medical Equipment Commercialization Platform

MPE Inc. has launched the industry’s first and only unified capital medical device commercialization platform for MedTech OEMs, designed to redefine the MedTech development and manufacturing industry by offering clients the benefits of working with an onshore, integrated organisation that can infuse compliance, differentiation and adoption readiness into every stage of the product lifecycle.

MPE Inc. has combined the most critical control planes of compliance, differentiation, and adoption readiness under one platform to bring products to market faster and reduce the risks associated with legacy, siloed contract manufacturing operations that MedTech companies have been increasingly burdened with as the healthcare market rapidly changes.

Our commercialization platform helps eliminate the common risks associated with legacy, siloed processes that can significantly impact market success. Our platform approach has been proven to reduce time to market by nearly double the market standard, saving our clients time, money and resources,” said Hank Kohl, President & CEO of MPE Inc.

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