Olympus Launches ESG-410™ Surgical Energy Platform

Olympus has announced the full market availability of its new ESG-410™ Surgical Energy Platform for conventional monopolar and bipolar, advanced energy applications now including ultrasonic dissection and hybrid energy.

The ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform provides a comprehensive energy solution with applications in many specialties including general surgery, thoracic surgery, urology and gynaecology. This latest version has been upgraded to allow the use of THUNDERBEAT™ and SONICBEAT™ devices from the same generator as the other energy modes and offers a 34% reduction in seal time when using the seal mode on THUNDERBEAT™ devices.

This new port complements the original ESG-410 design, which featured two monopolar, one bipolar and two universal ports to support a range of surgical disciplines for open, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures, making this new version the first generator to power the five energy modes commonly used in operating rooms and specialty rooms (monopolar, bipolar, advanced bipolar, ultrasound and hybrid energy).

In addition to the new ultrasonic/hybrid energy capability, the design of the ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform enables enhanced performance for TURis procedures incorporating improved plasma stability during ignition, while requiring less energy for ignition than its predecessor.

The ESG-410 also delivers Olympus’ Mode Designer technology which enables “plug and play” instrument recognition and performance optimization for existing and future Olympus devices, including the POWERSEAL™ family of advanced bipolar sealer/dividers for which no software upgrades are necessary.

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